Episode Two: Rebel with Kristen Nicole

Welcome back to The Content Her Way Show!

In this episode, I’m excited to introduce you to my biz buddy, Kristen Nicole.


Kristen is the (self-professed) evil mastermind behind Wyld Wellness, a gathering place for misfits, rebels and intentional women with a desire to live big (whatever that means for each person) and find their place in the world.  Her podcast, Inspired Vixens, explores the choices real women had to make to say yes to their dreams. She offers 1:1 coaching, group programs and inspiration for shy introverts and big dreamers with a dash of sugar and spice and a little attitude.

Outside of running her biz, Kris is obsessed with reading, personal development, the colour pink and connecting with new friends.


Kristen’s also a fellow Austen lover and in this episode, we talk about:

  • How her nomadic lifestyle influences her business and creativity (+ how we can infuse some of that energy into our lives as entrepreneurs, even if we aren’t nomadic)
  • How she deals with insecurity and creating work that matters
  • How she overcame her fears and launched the Inspired Vixens Podcast
  • And her take for those who feel overwhelmed by all the content they “should” be creating and also for those who feel like they suck at writing


Kristen also shares her fav Jane Austen quote and so many other gems, so let’s dive in!


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