Episode Zero: Content Her Way with Brogan Micallef

Content Her Way is all about reframing and rethinking content. About ditching the shoulds and the need-to-dos and embracing what truly inspires you.

Because content is your ticket to getting your message out to those who need it most. And that’s something you will feel I-could-do-this-all-day-every-day inspired by.

In this intro episode (Episode Zero) I’m dishing the deets on what you can expect from The Content Her Way Show + why I created it in the first place.

Content Her Way is a content revolution for entrepreneurs who are sick of the shoulds and need-to-dos when it comes to creating content for their biz. It’s for those who want an easier and breezier way to create content – content that’s efficient, effective, gets results AND feels good to create.

I created The Content Her Way Show to share stories from awesome entrepreneurs across the globe who are doing content their way – who have ditched the shoulds and need-to-dos and have found a way to make content fun, fulfilling and effective.

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Does this mean they’re doing it perfectly? No, of course not. None of us are! And that’s the whole point of Content Her Way – it’s ok to experiment, to test, to tweak. And it’s ok to have absolutely NO idea what you’re doing – and yet do it anyway.

It’s about not needing permission to write that book or start that podcast or launch that video series or start your own community.

It’s about creating what you want to create, building community around it, and having a blast doing it.

Content Her Way will challenge you to rethink everything you know (or think you know) about content. And it’ll give you permission (if you feel like you need it) to do things in your own way.

Because this is your business. And it’s your content.

New episodes will drop every month and you can find all the links and extra resources at contentherway.com. I can’t wait for you to dive in, be inspired and encouraged to create content your way.


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Hey, I'm Brogan. A Content-Lovin’, Science + Sci-Fi Obsessed, Jane-Austen fangirl and proud of it! I can show you how to create epic content for your business while making it feel fun + simple. Come say hi on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or join my free Facebook Group.