An open letter: self-doubt is normal and professional development doesn’t make you an imposter

This subject has been on my mind for a long time. And I feel it’s worth getting on the soap box for.

The unknown is scary.

As entrepreneurs, the unknown is a state of being. Whether it’s starting a business, creating a movement, launching a new service, or working through a rebrand, self-doubt is pretty much a given.

It’s easy for us to dismiss all our achievements as a result of blind luck. Or that it would have happened anyway (and probably without us).

I was listening to a podcast interview with Todd Herman where he talked about imposter syndrome. As solopreneurs, when we’re trying to do it all ourselves (including the elements of our biz we’re not so great at), it means that imposter syndrome and feeling like a fraud rears it’s ugly head when we put ourselves out there. (And that includes content creation.)

You know what? That’s normal.

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“The fear of not being good enough is one of the deepest, most fundamental fears that every human being on the planet has.” – Marie Forleo

So how do we stop feeling like an imposter?

I’ve found Marie Forleo’s “screensaver” analogy to be really helpful in dealing with feelings of fraud. It works like this: when we check out and disengage, our screensaver comes on (just like our laptop). And it’s in this screensaver mode where all the subconscious stuff hangs out – cue “I’m not good enough”, “I’m a fraud” and “Sheesh, I suck!”

The good news? Thankfully, like our computer’s screensaver, as soon as we shake the mouse or hit the keyboard, the screensaver disappears. Which means that as soon as we reengage, get working and start taking action, those thoughts disappear. Think about the times when those “I’m not good enough” thoughts come up – it’s not when you’re busy and doing the work is it

Life as an entrepreneur can feel like a crazy, crazy emotional rollercoaster.

Seriously. And as we’re trying to do it all and be it all (and wow our dream clients in the process), we can sometimes feel like we *can’t* learn more about our area of expertise. We feel like an imposter if we do (“I should know this stuff already! I’m supposed to be an expert”). We think that our audience or industry will think we’re a fraud.

That’s just not true. Continuing to improve yourself and learn more about your chosen subject means you can better serve your clients, customers and audience.

One of my values is continual improvement and I’m a big believer in ongoing professional development. Coming from a university background, professional development was literally written into my contract – I had to do it.

Kaizen = Continuous Improvement

Kai = change

Zen = good

Change for the better

Schedule a professional development activity that you can do this month. Show up for yourself.

“Obsessing over other people’s success is not going to make you successful… nor is it going to help to create an audience of clients and customers who are obsessed with you!” – Melissa Cassera

Decide what will make you better at what you do. Then go do that thing.

Remember: Continuing to improve yourself and learn more about your chosen subject means you can better serve your clients, customers and audience.

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It doesn’t make you a fraud.


Much love,
Brogan xx


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