Comparisonitis struck again?

“It’s been said before, so why should I bother? And she’s written it better than I could.”

Hold up, lady. It’s impossible to get your message to those who need it most if you’re struggling with comparison and perfectionism.

Your voice matters. Your experience matters. Your approach matters. Let’s make sure you’re heard.

Are you ready to rock your blog?

Brainstorm, scribble, type, highlight, strategize and plan a blog that truly ROCKS the socks off your peeps (and lights you up inside).

I get it.

You’re scrambling every week to get your blog post written, edited and published (CRAP! AND FIND PHOTOOOS!!) the day it’s due.

And is it even working? You can’t afford not to get results, especially when you’ve got 50 million other things to do. Because here’s the thing...

You want more dream clients, right? People who light you up. People you LOVE to work with and support. People who make the ups and downs of being your own boss oh so worth it.

(Ummm… yes!)

You know what’s going to grow your know, like and trust factor and show the people who land on your sales page or visit your website just how amazingly stupendous you are at what you do?

It’s your blog.

Yep. Creating epic content on the regular is a GREAT way to build that often-mentioned know, like and trust factor AND set you up as the credible expert that you are.

And we can safely assume that you don’t want to be creating content 24/7 while you work towards the business of your dreams.

It's time to make it extra simple for you to create epic content.


makes it *extra* simple for you to consistently create epic content for your blog (that actually HELPS grow your biz), in a practical, actionable and fun digital planner.

I'm ready to help you get your message out of your head and to those who need it most.

Hey, I'm Brogan Micallef.

Content Strategist. Writer. Science Buff. Obsessive Planner. Jane Austen Addict. Sci-Fi Lover.

I work with determined, heart-centred + creative entrepreneurs who struggle to get their message out to those who need it most. I show them how to create epic content for their business while making it feel fun and simple.

(When I'm not helping people with their content strategies? I'm enjoying time with family or cooking up a healthy storm, and curling up in the corner with a Jane Austen novel or watching sci-fi reruns.)

I’ve been in your shoes. I got sick of everyone telling me I had to blog this many times a month or use that particular method. You’ve heard it too, yeah?

Long-form content is the way (nope, the shorter the better)

You have to start a podcast! (nope, podcasts are old school)

Video is where it’s at (are you kidding?! It’s long-form written content all the way)

Soooo confusing!

I tried planner after planner, but could never find one that was fluff-free, easy to follow and kept the big picture in mind.

Feel like banging your head against a brick wall? I did to.

And that’s why I decided to create The Rock Your Blog Digital Planner.

Price is in USD. I keep my digital products affordable so that you can take action right away.

For that reason, refunds are not available for digital products at this time. All sales are final so please shop mindfully.

What's included?

The Rock Your Blog Digital Planner includes everything you need to completely rock your blog...

This planner will help you work out:

  • Why you’re blogging in the first place, so that you’re creating content with purpose
  • Who you’re targeting, so you can really connect with those you’re meant to serve
  • What kind of content you actually like creating, so that you’re being strategic AND having fun
  • How to set goals that matter (and hit them), so that your content ties into your big picture business goals
  • How to integrate your promotional plan with your blog content, so that your blog is working for your business (and isn't just another to-do)

Plus gives you:

  • Space to brainstorm content themes, keep a record of content ideas, plan opt-ins and content upgrades that fit your blog posts (and grow your list) because you need a plan you can execute
  • Annual, quarterly, and monthly calendars to map out your blog like a pro so that you can keep on track (and this planner doesn’t end up collecting dust on the virtual shelf)

54 gorgeously designed pages filled with:

  • Activities to help you create your very own blog content strategy (because you can do this - I'll show you have simple + fun it can be!)
  • Helpful prompts so that you don't get stuck staring at a blank page.
  • All rounded out with quotes and mantras to keep you motivated, and sprinkled with my best blogging and content creation tips.

Wait?! There's more?

Yes! You even get bonuses!

A 2017 Holiday Cheatsheet

A PDF cheatsheet with 2017’s major national holidays so you can prepare content ahead for holiday promotions, plus a few quirky holidays (like National Donut Day) to keep things fun!

Other fun extras and bonuses

Aaand, other fun extras and bonuses will be added over the coming months including…

  • Blog workflow templates so you can implement your blog plan with ease
  • A content creation guide so that you can batch like a pro and produce more content in less time
  • A blog style guide so that your blog looks as good as it’s content

Who is this for?

Calling all determined, heart-centred and creative entrepreneurs...

The Action Taker

You’re not afraid to do the important groundwork so that your blog rocks the socks off your peeps.

The I'm No One Hit Wonder

You’re building a long-term, sustainable business (vision board included) and know it’s about more than the number of page views you get each month.

The Business Blogger

You want your blog to support your business (and not RUN your business).

Get your content organised, save time and get more dream clients with The Rock Your Blog Digital Planner.

You have a unique message that needs to be shared. And yes, your dream clients are waiting to hear it from you.

Price is in USD. I keep my digital products affordable so that you can take action right away.

For that reason, refunds are not available for digital products at this time. All sales are final so please shop mindfully.

With love from...

What do people think?

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

“Eeek!!!! I am SO stinking excited about your blog planner Brogan!!

It’s easy to follow, chock full of helpful tips, tricks and resources, and it’s seriously going to change lives of folks who struggle with blogging/content creation!!

Ashley Cox (HR Partner For Creatives at Sprout HR)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

The Rock Your Blog Digital Planner is a comprehensive guide to all things blogging.

Blogging can be overwhelming when it’s tough to know where to start for those that are new. What I really like is that this is wonderful for new and seasoned bloggers, alike! The blog planner guides you through bite-sized pieces of Brogan’s awesome process. I love the easy steps that help with the momentum many of us can fall short of.

Brandie Larson (Graphic Designer, Graphic Brewery)

Price is in USD. I keep my digital products affordable so that you can take action right away. For that reason, refunds are not available for digital products at this time. All sales are final so please shop mindfully.

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