Work With Me

I can help you get your message out to

those who need it most (minus the

time-sucking procrastination, 

self-sabotage and comparisonitis). 

I want to live in a world where every entrepreneur is able to make a difference through their message. (You know the one. That *thing* you’re just dying to help people with.)

Because here’s the thing: No matter how amazing your work is, if it stays in your brain and isn't shared with those who need it most, you’re not going to have the impact you should.

This is about you making real connections through your content + sounding like you no matter if it's 140 characters or 1,000 words. This is about you finding more dream clients, making more money and having greater impact.

Eeek!!!! I am SO stinking excited about your blog planner Brogan!! It’s easy to follow, chock full of helpful tips, tricks and resources, and it’s seriously going to change lives of folks who struggle with blogging/content creation!!

Ashley Cox 
HR Partner For Creatives at Sprout HR

Content's more fun when we work together  (just saying). Here's a snapshot of how we can make that happen:

Free Your Content

Do the work you're meant to do

(and make sure the right peeps know about it).

Do you really want to keep spinning your wheels? Or do you want faster, smarter + more consistent content? (I think I can guess ;))

Free Your Content is a virtual Intensive where we’ll work through your biggest content hurdles and develop a strategy to create content that works for your business.

It includes:

  1. A 90-Minute 1:1 virtual Intensive so that we can work through your biggest content hurdle, hone your strategy and get your content working for your biz. (Held on Skype or Zoom.)
  2. A recording of our Intensive session so that you can review what we’ve covered at your leisure.
  3. An Action Item List so that you know what steps you need to take after our Intensive (no thinking “Ok, so now what?”).
  4. A 15-Minute Quick Fire Follow Up Session (14 days later) so that you can ask any Q’s that have come up since our Intensive and make any necessary tweaks to your strategy. (Held on Skype or Zoom.)

Content doesn't have to be hard and leave you with feelings of dread.

It can be fun and fulfilling - let me show you how.

Brogan is clearly an expert at social media strategy. She was able to quickly help me clean up my social media strategy and focus on a few key platforms. My overwhelm was significantly reduced! I felt like Brogan understood my struggles and provided clear action items and tools to lay out my plan for the coming 3-6 months. Brogan would be a great support to solopreneurs and coaches who are intimidated by this thing called social media, don’t know where to start or how best to use their time strategically.

Puja Madan
Women's Leadership Coach, Wild Radiant Woman

The Creative's Content Alliance

A partnership for faster, smarter + more consistent content.

Say goodbye to DIY, lone warrior.

A content creating partner in crime. A growing community. A dream client base. You working in your zone of genius. Me working in mine. A partnership in the truest sense.

The battle of content? Now that's a war we CAN win.

That’s why I created The Creative's Content Alliance: Access to your very own virtual content strategist for hire

I’m talking content strategy, accountability, support AND implementation.

Imagine 3 months from now. You could have faster, smarter + more consistent content that...

  • Feels good to create so your zone of genius shines through
  • Supports your biz goals so you're not just creating content for the sake of it
  • Builds your dream community so that your message gets to those who need it most
  • Grows your client base so you build a sustainable business you're proud of
  • Makes content fun again so you can serve your community and have a blast doing it

I was struggling with a lack of interest in my organisation's Twitter account and subscribers on our email list. I was amazed at how professional Brogan was - the whole process was extremely streamlined and ensured that I got where I wanted to be. I now have much better knowledge of strategies and tools that will help make my organisation stand out online, and in a matter of days I’m already seeing a difference in subscriber numbers. Brogan is really driven to improve her client’s communication woes!

Megan Meates
Extension Coordinator, CCDM Curtin University